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Digital Artist/ Animator 2d

2017-02-17 08:22:48 by Mortel163

Hey there!


I'm new here so I'm going to list what I can do for you and of course my contact info :)

Where do I start?

First of all I'm a digital artist since 6 years now as well as an Animatior 2d since 1 year on Youtube and 5 year on other software :)

Right now I'm searching for clients to commission me! I can do anything for you, we can discuss about the prices by my email that I will link down below.


I will list all the stuff I can and not do;


What can I draw?

- animals
- humans
- furries/anthros
- sexual themes, nsfw stuff in general
- gore/guro
- any genders, any species

What I can't draw?

- machines
- vehicles
- mechas
- complex backgrounds


Here's my website where you can find all of my stuff;







Contact me ------> mortelkahio@hotmail.fr



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2017-02-18 01:40:58

Ayy, welcome to Newgrounds! Hope you like it here. :>

Mortel163 responds:

hello! so far I really like it :D